Saturday, December 29, 2007

Upgrade the Firefox browser with the most recent updates.

The images below, showing how to update Firefox, are from Firefox 1.5. The steps are the same for Firefox 2.0. Don't know which one you're running? Here's how to check (click here to jump to the update procedure).

  1. Open Firefox.


  2. Click on Help and click on About Mozilla Firefox.


  3. It will show you which version is running.


  4. From the same menu, click on Check for Updates (just above About Mozilla Firefox).


  5. You will get a screen, which will show the progress bar.


  6. Click on Download and Install Now. It allows you to update to the immediate version from the existing one.


You'll need to close Firefox, then reopen it for the update to take effect. Some extensions and add-ons might not work after updating, but generally those authors are quick to fix any problems. Click on Tools > Add-ons, then click the Find Updates button to get recent version of your add-ons.

For different versions of FireFox you can use, check out Campus FF and eBay FF

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