Monday, December 31, 2007

Save the bookmarks in Firefox

This article will explain how to save your bookmarks, so you can replace them if you ever have to reinstall Firefox. Remember that if you don't save them prior to a reinstall, you will lose all of them. It's also a good idea to save a copy everytime you backup your personal files, in case your computer ever crashes or you have to do a complete reinstall of your PC.

Quick and easy version:

Go to the Firefox browser and Select Bookmarks > Manage Bookmarks

Select File > Export

Choose the folder to save your bookmarks in (We recommend adding today’s date to the file name so that you can easily identify it in the future).

More Detailed Instructions:

First, set windows to show hidden files. To know how to view hidden files see this link: How to see hidden files in Windows

Then navigate to:

C:\ Documents and Settings\

  • Administrator\

  • ApplicationData\

  • Mozilla\

  • Firefox\

  • Profiles\

  • wplpwcgf.default\(before ‘default’ are randomly generated characters, your’s will be different)

  • bookmarkbackups (select the one with the most recent date)

    C:\ Documents and Settings \ "your user name" \ Application Data\ Mozilla \ Firefox \ Profiles \ default.random characters \ Bookmark.html

  • Select Bookmark.html with the most recent date, right click it and select Copy.

  • Go to your Desktop, and in an empty area, right click and select Paste.

    That will put a copy of the file on your Desktop.

  • After you install a new copy of Firefox, go to the Profile folder again, and delete the new Bookmark.html file that is in there.

  • Go back to your Desktop and Copy the Bookmark.html file you put there, then Paste it into the Profile folder where you deleted the new Bookmark.html file.

Now, all of your old Bookmarks are back in your Profile folder, just like they were in the version of Firefox you removed.

Also, since this is an .html file, you can open it in Internet Explorer, by double clicking it, and using the links that way. Just click a link, and it will open in Internet Explorer.

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