Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 Browsers, One enemy

What is the common thing between Firefox, Safari and Opera?
All of them are Windows browsers which are directly competing with one enemy, called Internet Explorer.

The shared goal of all of them is to beat IE in order to make a better web using standards.

But one thing keeps the browsers away from their goal - The users.

Imagine this situation:

Jonny is using IE. Jonny is interested getting Firefox in order to replace IE. Jonny is talking with Matt about getting Firefox, while Matt uses Opera. Matt tells him about some week points of Firefox and why Opera is better and such. Jonny changes his mind and talks with Tim about getting Opera, which does the same thing but with Safari. Jonny gets confused, imaging that all 3 browsers are bad and sticks to IE.

All browsers lost.

What am I trying to say? Firefox, Opera and Safari users should support ALL 3 browser in order to reach their shared goal.

If someone asks you about Opera, don't say "Nooo! It sucks! Use Firefox because it's much much better", but say "Opera is very good, Yet I still prefer Firefox".

Another thing that I believe should be done is the developers of the different browsers helping each other improving their browsers, making them even more better than IE. They should be less competitive and more supporting in order to beat their shared enemy - IE.

Please remember what I said in this short article, or you will hurt both Firefox and the other browsers, letting IE win easily.

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