Thursday, November 29, 2007

Symantec Delivers Virtualized Firefox 3 Beta 1 in Multiple Languages

Symantec is providing customers worldwide with Firefox 3 Beta 1 in the Altiris VSP (Virtual Software Package) format, in English, German and Dutch.  Virtualized Firefox builds may be downloaded here:

Application virtualization is ideal for application testing and evaluation.  By running beta software virtualized, it can be tested on more machines by more users, in a regular production environment, without concern for destabilizing Windows or any other apps.  You also don't need to be concerned about leaving problems behind after your testing -- for example, the VSP's for Firefox, with the default settings as provided by Symantec, allow the beta version to utilize the same user profile as the released version of Firefox that may also be on a machine, but changes to the profile made by the beta are isolated.  So if the beta software "bakes" the user profile, just deactivate the Firefox 3 Beta 1 "virtual layer" (with a simple right-click in the SVS UI) and everything goes right back to the way it was, as if the beta software had never been there.

Did the, "we do not recommend that anyone other than developers and testers download the Firefox 3 Beta 1 milestone release. It is intended for testing purposes only" disclaimer make you nervous?  Don't be.  Try it now, virtually!

To utilize a VSP, you must first install Altiris SVS (Software Virtualization Solution), a small agent that enables any Windows PC to run applications abstracted from the underlying operating system.  Various license options are available for SVS, including up to ten nodes free for personal use, details at

Firefox has been the main sample application used by Symantec in the development, QA and marketing of SVS for two years now.

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