Monday, February 11, 2008

600-Million Add-Ons Downloaded

Add-ons have proven to be a major benefit of Firefox (and Thunderbird). The download counter at (AMO) recently hit the 600-Million mark. Keep in mind the actual number of add-ons downloaded is likely much higher being this figure does not represent those add-ons downloaded from developers’ or third-party sites.

The chart on the right breaks down the percentage of these 600-million downloads by application (Firefox 1.x, Firefox 2.x, Firefox 3.x or Thunderbird). I am kinda mixed on the figure for Thunderbird, as I would hope it would be higher but then again 4% is pretty good given the significant lower number of add-ons available and the difficulties some users may have trying to install an add-on in Thunderbird. Some other AMO statistics:

  • 800,000 and 1 million downloads per day
  • 4.5 million pageviews per day
  • 4,000+ extensions currently hosted
  • News Source: CyberNet News

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