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In this issue…

  • Firefox schedule
  • Firefox 3 Beta 3 code frozen
  • Thunderbird in France
  • 600,000,000 Firefox add-on downloads
  • Mitchell interviewed for McKinsey Quarterly
  • Mozilla Toronto on the CBC
  • about:icecream
  • Developer calendar
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Firefox schedule

On January 29th Mozilla increased the severity rating of a new security vulnerability to High. Since the security of our users is of utmost importance, the release schedule for Firefox is being pushed up as much as possible, with a current release date estimated to be February 7th or 8th. For more information about the security vulnerability, see the Mozilla Security weblog. Additional information about the release is available via the Firefox planning page.

Firefox 3 Beta 3 code frozen

As announced at the Mozilla Developer Center, Firefox 3 Beta 3 code freeze happened late January 29th. For more information about the code freeze and current tree management procedures, please see the DevNews post. Additionally, there are now plans for a fourth Firefox 3 beta, but no schedule for that is currently available.

Thunderbird in France

David Ascher blogs, “The AFP (France’s largest news agency) reports that ‘French police deal blow to Microsoft‘, referring to the Gendarmerie Nationale’s decision to move to an open source stack for their 70,000 seats, using Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox, and Thunderbird.

Equally impressive, Tristan Nitot reports (in French) on his conversation with a representative of the French Defense Ministry, who indicates that they’re recommending Postfix as the mail server and Thunderbird as the recommended mail client for most users, reaching up to 200,000 users (this doesn’t include the 70,000 mentioned above).”

600,000,000 Firefox add-on downloads

The Blog of Metrics reports, “Earlier this week, AMO served its 600 millionth add-on download. That’s original downloads, not including updates. We currently have over 4000 add-ons hosted on the site and between 800,000 and 1 million downloads every day. The site has around 4.5 million pageviews per day, not including services hosted on AMO such as update checks and blocklisting.” For further information, including details about add-on update pings and what all of this means, see the Metrics blog post.

Mitchell Baker interviewed for McKinsey Quarterly

Bob Sutton and Lenny Mendonca interviewed Mitchell Baker a few months ago, and the interview has recently been published in the McKinsey Quarterly (registration required, but free). Mitchell talks about leading the original open-source project within Netscape, and about spinning that project out to start Mozilla. For more information see Bob Sutton’s blog post.

Mozilla Toronto appears on the CBC

On February 1st, Mozilla Toronto was featured on the CBC Toronto news. This full story about Firefox included footage of both the Seneca College and Mozilla Toronto offices, and interviews with both Dave Humphrey and Mike Shaver. The full video is now available through Google video.


Every once in a while one of our community members writes in with something special and makes everyone’s day here at Mozilla. Last Tuesday was one of those days, when a boy named Brody wrote in with a letter and a couple of pictures, as Melissa mentions in her weblog. Since then, one of those pictures has been incorporated into the about:icecream Firefox add-on which is making us happy pretty much every single day. If you want a smile, check out Melissa’s blog post, and if you’re running the Firefox 3 beta, install about:icecream today.

Developer calendar


  • Mobile Meeting
  • SUMO Meeting
  • General Status Meeting


  • Firefox/Gecko Meeting
  • Bug Day!


  • Mac Gecko Meeting
  • Performance Infrastructure Meeting
  • Performance/Leaks Meeting
  • Mozilla 2 Meeting


  • Test Day!

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