Monday, February 4, 2008

some lesser known Firefox about:config parameters!

Here's some lesser known firefox configuration of about:config and I think this will help you in tweaking your firefox browser and let it run smoothly.


Type about:config in the address bar then find

* plugin.expose_full_path - The default display for about:plugins mentions the name but not the path of the plugin. Setting this to True changes this behavior.

* accessibility.tabfocus - pressing tab on a website switches through various elements on that website. This setting defines which elements will be considered. 1=Forms, 2=other Elements and 4=Links. Elements can be combined, the default setting is 7 for instance which means that tab recognizes all elements. If you wanted it to only work with forms you would change it to 1.

* - displays those little icons next to the site url and in tabs by default. Changing this to false displays a standard icon for all websites.

* - is by default set to false which means that the download manager will remain open even after the download finished. Setting this to false closes the window automatically

* - Defines how Firefox handles finished downloads. The default value 2 means that Firefox will never clear the downloaded files list automatically. Settings this to 0 clears finished downloads automatically from the list while 1 clears them after restarting Firefox.

* browser.preferences.instantApply - Changing this setting to true will apply changes immediately without having to press OK.

* layout.spellcheckDefault - defines when the spell checker becomes active. By default it is only active in forms with at least two rows. Changing this setting to 2 enables it for all forms and setting it to 0 disables the spell checker.

* editor.singleLine.pasteNewlines - Defines how Firefox handles if a user pastes text that consists of more than one line. The default setting in Windows (1) pastes only the first line of text while everything will be pasted with carriage returns in Linux. (0). Other possibilities are (2) which replaces carriage returns with spaces, (3) which pastes everything in one line and (4) which replaces carriage returns with “,”.

* layout.word_select.eat_space_to_next_word - if you double-click a word in Firefox it will be marked automatically. The default marks a space behind the word as well. If you set this to false only the word will be selected and not the space behind.

* browser.fixup.alternate.suffix - Firefox tries to automatically add a suffix to the domain name entered if none has. So, entering www.mozilla would add .com to it because .com is the default suffix that will be added. You might prefer to add a country code like .fr or .de if you live in those countries. Simply change the setting to your country domain.

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