Wednesday, February 13, 2008

about:mozilla - Mobile team in Tokyo, SUMO, privacy policy, a trio of releases, and more

In this issue…

  • Mozilla mobile team in Tokyo
  • SUMO - now with l10n!
  • John Lilly appears on GigaOM show
  • Candidate revisions to Mozilla’s web site privacy policy
  • Firefox released
  • Camino 1.5.5 released
  • Seamonkey 1.1.8 released
  • XPCOM reference updated
  • Developer calendar
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Mozilla mobile team in Tokyo

Christian Sejersen and Jay Sullivan of Mozilla’s mobile team will be in Tokyo to present at Mobile Monday Tokyo on Feb. 18th. They will be talking about Mozilla’s mobile strategy and showing off various prototypes and working models. Unfortunately the event is not free but you can register at the Mobile Monday Tokyo website.

SUMO - now with l10n!

The support.mozilla Firefox Support website now has better localization tools. There’s more work to be done, of course, but a number of important advancements have been made, including automatic language detection based on a browser’s accept-lang setting, the ability to hard-code locales into page URLs, and several improvements to other tools and processes. Lots more information about the recent changes is available on the SUMO blog.

John Lilly appears on GigaOM show

John Lilly, the new CEO of Mozilla, appeared on last week’s GigaOM show where he talked about the recent executive changes, the upcoming release of Firefox 3, Mozilla’s mission, the new “MailCo” Mozilla subsidiary, and several other topics. The video is just under fifteen minutes long, and is available through Revision 3.

Candidate revisions to Mozilla’s web site privacy policy

Mozilla’s websites have grown to be some of the top visited web sites in the world, and this massive increase in traffic has maxed out the capabilities of the current web analytics tools. New tools have been selected that will scale up to meet the new requirements, but are such that some changes to existing website privacy policies are required. Basil Hashem has blogged about the proposed changes and is seeking feedback from the Mozilla community. For more information, including links to the proposed changes and forums for providing feedback, please see Basil’s weblog.

Firefox released

Last Thursday saw the release of Firefox, the latest security and stability update for Firefox 2. It is recommended that all users upgrade to this latest release in order to take advantage of the latest batch of security fixes. If you are still running Firefox 1.5.0.x, you are highly encouraged to upgrade to the Firefox 2 series as Mozilla ceased supporting Firefox 1.5.0.x in May 2007. Simply choose “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu to begin the upgrade process. More information about this release, please review the Firefox release notes.

Camino 1.5.5 released

The Camino project has recently released Camino 1.5.5, a maintenance release that contains a number of security and stability updates for the browser. It is recommended that all Camino users upgrade to this newest release. More information is available in the Camino 1.5.5 release notes.

Seamonkey 1.1.8 released

Last Thursday, the SeaMonkey project released a new version of its all-in-one internet suite. This latest release closes several security vulnerabilities and fixes several smaller issues discovered in earlier versions. All SeaMonkey users are urged to upgrade to this newest version. More information is available through the SeaMonkey blog.

XPCOM reference updated

Last week Neil Deakin blogged that the XPCOM Reference on XULPlanet has been updated to reflect the most recent XPCOM changes and is now up-to-date for Mozilla 1.9 and Firefox 3.

Developer calendar


  • Mobile Meeting
  • SUMO Meeting
  • General Status Meeting


  • Firefox/Gecko Meeting
  • Bug Day!


  • Mac Gecko Meeting
  • Performance Infrastructure Meeting
  • Performance/Leaks Meeting
  • Mozilla 2 Meeting


  • Test Day!

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